Office Hunting

Last updated: March 20th, 2017

Kelly Madison is back with another steamy update. The busty blonde had a great time finger fucking her pussy while she was at the office. She made a quick visit to see how things were going at her office and while Kelly was waiting for some paperwork she decided to fool around with you guys. The curvy blonde was wearing a sexy leopard print dress, tight, showing off her amazing curves. Her huge juggs were the ones that popped out of the dress and her panties were next. Without Ryan by her side, she had to take care of things all by herself. She looked for him but he was nowhere to found, but that wasn’t such a big problem for the big titted blonde.

Kelly started playing with her enormous tits as she was finger fucking her juicy pussy in front of the computer’s cam. She had a great time and so did everyone that was sitting outside her office. They got a show that they won’t forget too soon. The gorgeous blonde always does an amazing job and there’s no one like her. Sexy Kelly loves stuffing her pussy and without a guy next to her in this one, she had to find a way to do by herself. This is just a preview from Kelly’s scene but you can check it out entirely by clicking below. This was all from the busty blonde today but make sure you get back for more steamy updates!

Office Hunting

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Kelly Madison – Hippie Funk

Last updated: March 13th, 2017

Kelly Madison is back as you already know that this scene is going to be hot. Every scene she appears in it’s going to be hot and she know just how to turn things up. The gorgeous blonde is a little nerd in this one, wearing her glasses. She had a lingerie on her too but that didn’t last too long on her. She took off her bra first, exposing her enormous tits in front of the camera one more time. After fooling around in front of the camera she had to get involved her favorite man in this too. He was already in the room watching her getting naked and pleasing herself. Ryan loves to join busty Kelly in her scenes because no one can compare with her, as you know after seeing how things go in her videos.

The big titted blonde had a hell of a time sucking off his hard meat and then shoving it in her wet pussy and riding it. You can see it all in the scene below and it’s going to be worth it, you can be sure about that. Busty Kelly did it again with the help of Ryan and you already know it’s going to be hot when you have just the two of them in a video. This is all for today but doesn’t forget to get back for more updates and hot updates featuring your favorite blonde!


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Lust, Lights, Camera

Last updated: March 3rd, 2017

Start the camera because Kelly Madison is ready to go. She turned on the lust, hit the lights because she’s gonna be your fantasy, making you wanna ride her hard. Everyone knows that Kelly doesn’t need too much to get turned on. Kelly was in a great mood today so she thought to shoot a little video for you guys because it’s been since we’ve seen something new from her. She can always turn on the entire room and she did that in this insane update.

The busty blonde started playing with herself, but not before she showed off her goods one more time. The curvy blonde flaunted her huge knockers as she started squeezing and playing with them. She didn’t even bother to take off her stockings and begun finger fucking her pussy with them on. She ripped them and as she was squeezing her juggs she finger fucked as well. A lot of action from a solo scene and you already know it’s going to be hot just by knowing that Kelly is in it. She always delivers and leave us wanting more, so much more. Kelly brought another great video and you can check her out in out. She always leaves us wanting more and this one is no different, seeing her stroking herself along the video. Enjoy!

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Take the Condom Off

Last updated: February 27th, 2017

Valentina is not your common type of girl and you are going to see that in the latest video. She earns a living by fucking with rich guys. It was the easiest way of earning money and she got the perfect clientele. She only did rich and powerful men. They like things a certain way and Valentina knows exactly how to deliver those things. In the video below you are going to see her with one of her clients.

He likes it tough so Valentina is used to getting tied up and getting her pussy fucked hard. This was so intense! Although she is pretty open minded, she still has one rule. She needs to feel protected, so the condoms are on. Although Dillan knew that, he wasn’t going to play her game. While Valentina was tied up he took off his condom and started fucking the slutty babe. Valentina couldn’t do a thing, but at least he paid her extra for his bold move. Valentina didn’t really agree with it at first but by the end of the night, she was enjoying it way more than expected. She wasn’t mad at Dillan and asked him to respect her rule on their next meeting. Valentina had a great time and you can see that in the video below. Enjoy it!

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Nerd Knockers

Last updated: February 22nd, 2017

Kelly isn’t your typical big titted slut. She really loves learning and studying, find out new things, just as much as she enjoys big cocks and flaunting her huge natural juggs. In this juicy episode, we’ll get to know both her nerdy and naughty side. The busty blonde loves showing off her big tits and in this scene, she wanted to show you both of her sides. She was at home cleaning her closet when she found this old uniform that she used with Ryan once. She tried it on and it still looked good, just like the first time she wore it.

A short skirt and a really tight top, perfect to show off her huge knockers. Not that anyone could ignore them! While she was fooling around in the bedroom she heard the door, Ryan got home. Kelly knew that he’s gonna love her nerdy look so she surprised him. She was right because he really loved that uniform on her, but he loved more taking it off her and exposing her enormous tits in front of the camera again. But we knew Ryan wasn’t going to stop there and that’s why by the end of the scene you are going to see him banging Kelly. This was today’s update make sure you check out the video below. Enjoy it and we’ll see soon with another great update!

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Make Me Cum

Last updated: February 15th, 2017

Sometimes it’s all about roleplaying and being kinky, but most of all it’s all about getting Kelly to cum. Kelly Madison brought us her amazing update and like every single time she does an amazing job. She started the scene in her sexy black lingerie, showing off one more time just how good she looks.

We can’t get enough her amazing body no matter how many times we see her, we just can’t get bored. The busty blonde, Kelly, exposed her amazing curves, those huge knockers and fine ass in the front of the camera, preparing herself for a relaxing nurumassage. Kelly played for a while massaging her impressive knockers and just fooling around the room. But we all came here to see one thing and you can see it in the video below. See you next time with more updates and until then you can check out some of the older updates. Enjoy it!

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Bad Queen

Last updated: February 8th, 2017

Kelly Madison shows us one more time why she is the queen. The big titted blonde had a great time stuffing her wet pussy in this exclusive video. The busty blonde, Kelly, had a great afternoon yesterday just her and her sex toys in the bedroom. She had the house all to herself so she took advantage of that and shoot another video for you guys. She looked for Ryan around the house but she couldn’t find him, so she had to take matters into her own hands. She was so horny and without a guy, there was only one thing that she could do and Kelly does an amazing job at it.

Kelly started playing with herself in front of the camera, showing off those huge knockers one more time. Kelly started shoving her monster black dildo up her holes and as usual, she did it like a pro. You know that Kelly brings us the best scenes so you gotta check her entire video below. See you with more next time so stay tuned for more KellyMadison updates!

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Kelly Madison and Ryan Madison

Last updated: February 1st, 2017

Kelly Madison brought us her latest video and Ryan joined her and he did a hell of a job banging her. Kelly started the scene all by herself and she offered us an amazing show, exposing her hot body and those huge knockers in front of the camera. Everything happened in their bedroom and right when she was flaunting her curves and getting hot and horny, Ryan entered the room and joined her.

The big titted blonde didn’t mind at all having Ryan there and once she saw him she made sure that she did everything she could to please him. Kelly started sucking off his big hard dick and then she got to ride it too. Kelly and Ryan are the best and they always offer us an amazing show. Enjoy it and see you next time with more!

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Kelly Madison Between The Sheets

Last updated: January 25th, 2017

Kelly Madison is back with another amazing video for you guys. As you already know the busty blonde loves having sex everywhere, even in the craziest places, but most of the time between the sheets is the best. The busty blonde, Kelly, had the house all to herself so she thought to make the best out of it.

Kelly started slowly taking off her sexy lingerie piece by piece, starting with her bra and revealing her enormous juggs in front of the camera. But she kept on taking off lingerie and her panties were the next. Completely naked, between the sheets she started playing with her impressive tits and right when she was in the perfect mood, Ryan joined her. Needless to say, Ryan ended up fucking her and we have everything on camera. So check out the video and the gallery below and don’t forget to get back for more steamy updates featuring your favorite pornstar!
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Kelly Madison video – Lester Gets Lucky

Welcome to our amazing Kelly Madison website! We know that you like this sexy babe as much as we do, so we thought that you might wanna have a look at all the hot stuff that we have around! As we thought it might be a good idea to get all the hot scenes with this gorgeous babe and put it to a place where you could have access to them anytime! That is why we are going to give you the chance today to watch and enjoy the first video that we are going to post! This naughty chick will be visiting a new place where she will have the chance to meet the owner! His name is Lester and his fat cock got up in the next moment after he saw her! How about seeing what happened between them soon after that?

As the video starts you are going to have the chance to watch and enjoy this blonde babe laying on a red round couch and this guy is gonna shove his fat cock deep into her wet and tight pussy hole in the missionary position! While he keeps sliding his massive tool in and out of her eager peach, he will be also taking care of her extra large tits and he keep licking them and sucking those perky nipples! Right before cumming, he thought he would release all that wet and warm jizz all over those big tits and he did! Soon after that this nasty babe started to suck that fat tool! Next thing we knew is that he started to penetrate her once again faster and faster! All of a sudden, he grabs that fat cock and pulls it outside so that he starts rubbing it and in the end this babe is gonna cum to suck it once again! Like the chicks from the blog, she is crazy about swallowing big loads of warm and sticky cum! Stay tunned as we are going to be back soon with more amazing KellyMadison stuff!

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